The April Fools’ Day is a rather ridiculous tradition if you really think about it. The whole world, or at least large parts of it, decides to make a fool out of each other on this one particular day. As if people are not normally fooled during the rest of the year! Yet, it makes for one of the most-light hearted days on the calendar, and as long as the jokes and laughter don’t get out of hand and harm somebody, the day is an innocent enough celebration.

Amongst all the fun and frivolity though, there lies enormous potential for business and huge profits. A lot of people do not realize this, as at least most entrepreneurs should, but the April Fools’ Day can be used to increase sales significantly and to provide a considerable, if temporary, boost to the revenue stream. A touch of creativity, some innovation, and a hint of intelligence is all that is needed to produce an entirely lucrative mix. Here is how!

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The False Sales

Most pranks include tricking someone into believing one thing, while you lead them towards another, and the joke lies hidden in the grand reveal. An entrepreneur can use similar pranks to great effect in order to boost sales, if they add a slight creative twist to the usual story. Instead of tricking people into doing or believing in something that is light heartedly embarrassing, trick them into a great purchase deal.

Offer an April Fools’ discount that is just sufficient enough to pique curiosity in the marketplace and to attract a decent sized crowd. Once you have their attention, go ahead with the grand reveal: the discount or the buy one and get however many free items, deal is actually significantly better than initially hinted at. The target audience is fooled, yet pleasantly, because it all turns out to their wonderful benefit – and the entrepreneur gets a considerable boost to both sales and to their good will.

The Prank Present

This strategy can be modified based on the scale of your business operations, and can range from being limited to a small geographical area to being conducted on a nationwide or even international scale. Plan pranks on your target audience, but make sure the pranks do not cause any offense or humiliation to them. The pranks could be anything from the usual April Fools’ Day variety to whatever innovations you can think of.

Here’s the lucrative catch. Every person from among your target audience who manages to get fooled by you receives a present from the business. It need not be something costly or large. A simple memento from your business would suffice. The people who received the gifts will go away with pleasant memories and something to remember you by, while you as the entrepreneur just might get a grateful boost to your sales.


The Fool’s Products

Another creative method of boosting sales and increasing revenue is to launch a limited edition collection of products themed on April Fools’ Day. The products can be simple key chains, mugs, pens, scarves and such – just to serve as mementos for customers. Or, they can be more innovative and have built-in jokes and pranks such as a key chain that squirts ink or a pen that shrieks when you attempt to write with it.

This strategy can easily be modified to be successful by entrepreneurs who offer only services, and no tangible products. One simply needs to be creative and innovative enough to be able to incorporate the customs associated with April Fools’ Day into their business. Entrepreneurs can experience a massive to boost to sales both on the day, and subsequently, through such themed products and services.

Prank to Purchase

This method of boosting sales and enhancing revenue streams can be potentially very effective, yet it will also probably go very hard on at least one of your employees. Choose one, or more of your employees – ideally the most loyal ones you have – and place them in strategic locations, such as in shopping malls, on busy streets, and outside popular restaurants.

Then, have the people walking by play a particular yet challenging prank on your poor employee, and every person who does do it successfully will be entitled to receive a gift, souvenir, or memento from your business. The people, all except the poor soul(s) of course, will have loads of fun, and they get to go home with one of your products, encouraging them to buy even more from you.


There are probably a dozen or even a hundred more methods that creative and talented entrepreneurs can come up with to use April Fools’ Day in a way that boosts their sales, both for the day and in the long term.


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