While Las Vegas may well be known for its glitz, glamor (and slot machines) it's also a great place to start a new business venture. Not coincidentally, it also happens to be the home of Next Level CEO Advisors and its founder Brad Adams.

And it goes without saying that having no state income tax is an attraction to many…particularly those in California who are seeing never ending increases in their bill.

It’s an Affordable Place to Live

Cost of living is most definitely a major consideration when moving to any new town or city. Therefore, choosing a place like Las Vegas where the cost of living is affordable will have a positive rollover effect on your finances. And affordability is great when you are starting a business from scratch, and you have to scrimp and save to raise the capital your business needs to become fully operational.

It Houses a Supportive Community

In addition to affordable housing and business rentals, Las Vegas is also home to supportive communities and organizations. It is a vibrant city for new entrepreneurs that need that extra bit of encouragement to launch their unique business idea. If you are interested in joining a like-minded community of successful, supportive entrepreneurs, the following organizations can provide you with the platforms you need to start off strong.

1 Million Cups

● AngelNV

● Audacity Institute

Biz Assembly

● Entrepreneurship Nevada

It Contains Inspiring Culture

There's no doubt about it. A city's culture can play a significant role in the morale of the individuals and business owners who call it home. Las Vegas is one of those towns where there is so much to do that you’ll never have an excuse not to take a break and indulge a little. And Vegas is not just about the restaurants and casinos. There are plenty of outdoor activities to clear your mind and reduce your anxiety. Popular getaways and cultural events in this bustling city include:

Springs Reserve

● Spring Mountains Recreational Areas

● Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

● The Great American Foodie Fest

Las Vegas Bikefest

● Vegas Festival of Lights

Top Talent Lives Here

As far as sourcing top talent for your business goes, Las Vegas has a talent pool second to none as a result of its top-notch universities and colleges in the surrounding areas. You’re likely to find graduates of these universities in your candidate pool:

● Nevada State College

● College of Southern Nevada

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

And Don’t Forget That There is NO STATE INCOME TAX…

How to Get Started

Now that you've decided that Las Vegas is the right place for your personal and work life, you can concentrate on starting your business. But there are some important items you’ll need to address on your entrepreneurial journey.

Choose a business structure. There are several structures to choose from, but an LLC is one of the most popular because it is simple to form and requires less paperwork. But look into the other options to find what’s best for your business.

Name your company. You’ll need to come up with a unique name that fits your business. Be sure to check it in the national database before moving forward with it.

File your paperwork. There are state-specific requirements for all business structures, so look to make sure you have all of the correct documents before filing. You can work with a formation service for a small feel if you don’t want to manage the specifics yourself.

Write a business proposal. A good business proposal will set out the plan you’ll follow to get funding, set up your business, and market your products or services. Create one of these documents early in the formation process, as it will guide you through your early business steps.

Get Ready to Move

If you haven’t found a place to move yet, now is the time. Work with a real estate agent who is familiar with the area if you plan to buy. But renting can get you a place to stay in a much shorter time period. Renting also allows you to get a feel for the area before committing to a home. You can rent a three bedroom house in Las Vegas for around $2,000, but prices vary depending on the neighborhood. Overall though, rentals in this area are quite reasonable, so think through what you’ll need to accommodate your personal and work lives, and plan accordingly.

It can be a lot to move your personal and professional belongings, so consider hiring a professional moving company. Look online for “movers near me” and read through some reviews. Be careful of sponsored reviews, as those are paid for by the company. One you find a few companies that sound promising, call to arrange an on-site estimate. You will get fewer surprises by avoiding a phone estimate, and you can get a sense of the company’s customer service, too. Once you’ve found a good candidate, select your date and book them!

In summary, starting a new life, business, and the whole shebang in a new city is bound to be a little intimidating. However, when you select a city as awesome as Las Vegas, it's certain to be a great adventure as you look forward to a new way of doing business and life in general.

In addition to advising CEOs of established organizations, Next Level CEO Advisors has assisted forward thinking businesses through the process of relocating to Nevada. Visit their website for more information on how they can help you grow your business.

article courtesy of Marcus Lansky, www.abilitator.biz

Image via Pexels

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