Entrepreneurs can be found by the millions around the world today. The daily, incessant advances in technology and the constant investment of research and other efforts into trying to simplify the human lifestyle on a day to day basis have given rise to myriad business opportunities. Possible ventures exist where none were to be found as recently as a decade ago, and profits can be made from the most simple to the extremely bizarre of business ideas.

The Modern Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurs of today then, have adapted to the environment around them, and have evolved into creatures that are constantly restless, keenly curious, and incredibly eager to seize upon new profitable opportunities. Yet with each new opportunity that springs up as a result of our modern times, the competition an aspiring entrepreneur must face increases significantly too.

The very world, they say, has shrunk, as people come increasingly closer together and interact with each other more than ever before in the global, connected village. For all of globalization’s wonderful advantages that an entrepreneur can reap, they must face the extreme, increased, high stakes competition too. It is this competition that sets the good entrepreneurs apart from the bad, and truly brings the very great ones into the spotlight.

The Great Entrepreneur

So, what is it that really distinguishes the great entrepreneurs from the good ones? What is it that brings all of the world’s glory and riches, and delivers them unto one entrepreneur while another is denied, even though they both chase after the same objects and goals? What is it that allows the one to truly and completely realize their dreams while the other is left to languish and to persevere, ultimately in vain?

Certainly, one has to say that it is an individual entrepreneur’s mind, their creativity, and their inherent desire for success and achievement, that lead them towards the fulfillment of their goals and objectives. However, as admirable as they may be, these traits cannot be taught – not at any worldly school or institute, not by any teacher or expert. Where does an aspiring entrepreneur look then, for guidance and for transference of knowledge from the expert to the novice? They take a dive into the minds of those who have already achieved greatness at entrepreneurship.

Inside the Mind

The truly successful entrepreneurs, those who have significant experience in the field and have started multiple companies, usually all have some traits, some patterns of thought that are common to each of them. The most astounding one perhaps, is the fact that most great entrepreneurs began their journeys without a clear direction in mind – they had no defined goals, no concrete objectives.


Therefore, the primary trait that is common to all great entrepreneurs is the innate ability to improvise on the go, and to be able to do it brilliantly. This is not to suggest that they just jump into the world of business with a blindfold to their eyes, but that they have only a broad, a very general idea of where they want to go and they figure everything else out when it becomes necessary to do so.

The greatest entrepreneurs are always in a hurry simply to enter the market. As such, they are impatient with things such as detailed business plans and strategies built upon extensive and exhaustive market research. To them, the best market research is done by actually going out and trying to make the sale instead of endless analyses and forecast about how and whether or not a product or service will sell.

Of the Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur who has achieved greatness – or one destined for it – has, and must by necessity have, a great tolerance for risk. So, they jump at a chance when they see one and they accomplish anything and everything that can immediately be done. Then, they set about doing everything else that is required to achieve success, by relying on their personal strengths and on whatever resources are available to them.

The attitude that most successful entrepreneurs possess may seem rather casual, and they do often come across as eccentric, irritable, or even arrogant at times. Yet, these are not character flaws but the impatience to get where they want to be, and to get there in a hurry. What compounds their problems is the fact that most often, even they do not truly know where that may be, but they have set upon the road and have placed their trust in fate and in their own strengths and capabilities, so that they know they will come upon a favorable destination sooner or later.

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