A New Way to Hire

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Computers are the new tool when holding job interviews.

As an entrepreneur, nothing is more exciting than realizing your business has grown to the point where you need to hire new employees. For me, when what began as a struggling one-gal outfit started to have team enterprise written all over it, I was beside myself. With stars in my eyes, I began daydreaming about the brilliant employees with whom I would soon be surrounded. I couldn’t wait to start reading through applications and posing thought-provoking interview questions.

My initial fervor was tragically short-lived. I quickly realized interviewing potential candidates is no fun. It’s an exhaustingly long, drawn-out process that ate away too much of my already-limited time.

However, thanks to the technology available today, interviewing doesn’t have to be as tedious as it once was. With online video chat and specialized hiring apps at the ready, traditional interviewing is (thankfully) a thing of the past. Apps like Skype and JobOn, among others, are offering better ways to interview potential employees while reducing time, money and even stress levels. With these perks, it’s not hard to fall in love with the virtual interview. The only question now is to choose which application is best for your business.


Any discussion about video chat apps must begin with Skype. This popular app offers free high-definition video chatting via your computer, through your internet-ready TV, and even on your mobile phone. Out of the 40 million users that are on Skype at peak times, one of them could be your next star employee.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts, Google’s answer to Skype, ups the ante. Allowing you to video chat with up to 10 people at a time, you can make virtual interviewing a team affair. Moreover, you have access to powerful tools like screen sharing and Google Docs.


If you don’t feel like sifting through candidate applications yourself, JobOn has you covered. This app saves you valuable time by filtering through thousands of potential employees for you.

Along with the standard application, job applicants also record short video clips answering interview questions using their webcam. After that, all that’s left for you to do is review the profiles. Simple, right? This application claims to replace phone-screening or walk-in interviews altogether.

Starting the hiring process with JobOn is easily done in just a few steps:

  • Register on the site to create a profile with your name, email and other details.
  • Claim the job opportunities associated with your business by keeping your profile updated, modifying your job descriptions or reviewing applicants’ videos.
  • Check out profiles you are interested in. You can rewind, fast forward, pause and more.
  • Click the contact button to create an email and meet a particular applicant.
  • Rate applicants and responses using a three-star scale.
  • Say “Welcome Aboard” to your new hire!


If you want personal attention, GreenJobInterview.com is right for you. Offering personal online assistance to make sure the interviewing process goes smoothly, this hands-on application smooths the kinks out of virtual interviewing.

Here’s how it works: After a candidate or client signs up for the product, a webcam is delivered to them via mail. Recruiters can conduct secure, live virtual interviews without any need for travel. The GreenJobInterviewing.com crew conducts a tech check before each interview to make sure that all is working well. GreenJobInterviewing.com prides themselves on their ability to reduce cost, stress, and work to make the process as enjoyable as possible.


Excuse the expression, but this next application makes finding new employees as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Pooling together tons of applicants, IVirtual allows employers to prescreen candidates from the web. With this program, a candidate answers questions set up for a specific industry and category. Employers can also set their own questions when they post their jobs online.

After all profiles are sorted through, IVirtual allows the interviewer to set up another round of interviews with the candidate or provides contact information for them to meet face-to-face. (A unique feature of this program is that the employer can view the candidate with a 360 degree view.) Candidates are also put through a screening process to be sure they are qualified before a face-to-face interview.

Saving employers time, money, and stress, the virtual interviewing trend is here to stay. Before your next hire, explore your options and decide if the virtual interview is a good fit for your business. Whether it be a people’s pick application like Skype or a professional portal like GreenJobInterview.com, finding a virtual interviewing app that works for you is a definite must!

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