The word “entrepreneur” has been used more and more often lately as Americans struggle to find ways to survive in a sinking economy. Many people may consider the renegade entrepreneur to be nothing more than any other businessperson; he or she is hard working, diligent, and business savvy. What makes these entrepreneurs stand out in a crowd of businesspeople is their ability to think outside the business box, so to speak. Entrepreneurs, especially renegade entrepreneurs, are not afraid to color outside the lines and go around the traditional routes of business to get to where they are going. How do they differ from any other businessperson? Let's look at a few ways.

Renegade Entrepreneurs Often Skip School

Steve Jobs is perhaps one of the most well-known renegade entrepreneurs of this time. He took the technological world to a level that no one could have ever foreseen, and blazed a path that few have been able to follow. But many may not know the story behind the man. Jobs was born to an unmarried couple who decided to put him up for adoption. Although his adoptive parents, Paul and Clara Jobs had not gone to college, his biological mother had one request of them…that they make sure Steve got a college education. But Steve had others plans. After attending Portland Oregon’s Reed College for only one semester, Steve Jobs dropped out of school.

While no one is suggesting that it is a good idea to skip going to college, there are many reasons why a renegade entrepreneur may opt not to go. Business school is very time consuming and requires a lot of sacrifice. For those who need to start making money as quickly as possible, there may just not be time for the rigorous schedule that business school would require. Although an MBA would look terrific on a resume, for those who already have a business plan in their head and will be working for themselves, it may not always be necessary. If going to business school will not help the entrepreneur to achieve his or her goals, then the MBA may not be as needed as some in the business world would think.

Renegade Entrepreneurs are not Satisfied With Starting at the Bottom

Often in business, men and women are expected to start at the bottom of the company and then slowly and meticulously work their way up. The business person who has just recently graduated and has that fresh MBA hanging on the wall can sometimes find themselves working in a much lower position and at a much lower salary than anticipated. The renegade entrepreneur, in comparison, can some times literally set their own salary within a year or two. Instead of starting at the bottom of someone else's company, the renegade entrepreneur strikes off on his own and blazes his very own path, much like Steve Jobs.

For many people in the business world, starting at the bottom is comfortable. It gives the business person time to learn the “ins and outs” of the business and offers them a safety net to work over until they are more confident to move on. For those who lack this confidence, or never find it, they sometimes choose to stay at the bottom rather than take the risk and step out.

The renegade entrepreneur, however, steps out immediately and skips the bottom altogether. Although he or she will have to build a business from the bottom up, they themselves will start off in the very top position. This requires a lot of confidence, hard work, and motivation to succeed.

The Renegade Entrepreneur Dares to Dream

While many successful businessmen and women get up every day to join in the mad race to success, they do so with no dreams, or they fight for the dreams of someone else. Waking everyday to report to a company owned by someone else, to find ways to make more money for this company owned by someone else, and working day and night to make this company…owned by someone else…successful. The renegade entrepreneur dares to dream that it can be his company, that it can be his profit, and that it will be his dream that comes true. Every product, service, business, or company, started out as someone's dream. For the rebel entrepreneur, it will be his own dreams that he fights for.

The renegade entrepreneur is a leader, like Steve Jobs, who tears through the ideas of others and gives life to his own. Leaders have to be confident, with a strong sense of their own abilities and self worth. While they must be sure of themselves, they can never get so full of ego that they refuse to admit defeat, or listen to the ideas of others. He will involve his people in every way that he can, and stays in tune with his customers needs as well. Although he must be a leader, he can never forget that he is there to serve.

The rebel entrepreneur acts with urgency. He is not afraid to jump off of a cliff without being completely sure what lies at the bottom. This is because he has the confidence to know that if he falls flat when he gets there, he can just dust himself off and start again. He is tenacious and honest, and does what he says he is going to do. In today's cut throat world of business, the renegade entrepreneur is trustworthy. He realizes that one cannot get ahead in the world of business on what he says, because organizations are paying much more attention to what he does. And so, he delivers on his promises, and never, ever, stops thinking of new ways to satisfy the needs of those in the world around him.

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