Non-Government Help for Veterans

In an recent interview with CEO Rose Sheppard, I learned of her business, “Coffee for a Cause,” which she created as a way to offer help to United States Veterans. Rose was quick to point out that her venture receives no help from the government, but is funded by the patrons which make her dream possible. In this article, you will have the chance to learn more of Rose's organization, her aspirations, and her determination. You may also like to visit the Coffee for a Cause Facebook page.

As Rose was asked to share a little about herself, and her business, she quickly stated that Coffee for a Cause is ran “by Warriors for Warriors.” Rose went on to explain that her family owned company has many employees who have served in World War II, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. She also informed me that her company, “was born out of the burning desire to help Military charities who help our warriors and their families and organizations who are raising funds for Veterans Memorials and 9/11 Memorials. We are able to assist with fundraising efforts through our Private Label Program which features our Private Reserve Exclusive Coffee which cannot be bought in stores.” Rose also explained that the coffee which her company creates uses roasters made in the USA. Patrons can customize their coffee bags in their own choice of artwork, or photo of their Memorial project.

Rose became an entrepreneur after working in the Corporate world for over 25 years. She expressed her frustration with the way top level managers were not willing to expand business in creative ways, nor focus on “good old fashioned customer service.” She was also tired of seeing multi million dollar deals fall through because the company feared taking a risk. She decided that if she was going to lose sleep worrying over a business, it would be her own and not someone else's.

When asked if this business is her passion, Rose quickly stated that, “Absolutely YES…this is my passion…all of our proceeds are going towards establishing our own equine therapy facility,” a facility which will help disabled veterans with PTSD and TBI. She shared with me how she had realised the terrible struggle which military charities face, and decided create a business which would not only help, but profit as well. When she researched where the money was being made in the sinking economy, she realise that the, “demographic of addicted coffee drinkers has already been created, we are just shifting those buying habits and addictions to support our warriors in need.”

Rose also shared with me some insight into what Coffee for a Cause is doing. “1) We want to help military charities to raise much needed money 2) We want to offer veterans a way to make a living that does not have a financial ceiling 3) Because of our family's belief in helping our warriors and their families, the proceeds from Coffee For A Cause are being used to set up our own 501(c)3, Warriors Haven, we will be purchasing a ranch for a retreat for veterans so that we can help them through a program Horses for Heroes, equine therapy for disabled, PTSD & TBI veterans. We also want this place to be a location where the families can heal together. We wanted to ensure that what we do comes full circle and focuses on our warriors. Coffee For A Cause is not for us as a family, it is to help the charities who help our veterans.”

Rose also wanted to point out the Coffee for a Cause is currently offering help to several projects, which include the Veterans Awareness Coalition out of New Hampshire. She shares that the founder, Paul Roy Jr is a combat veteran himself and wants to address such issues as PTSD, unemployment, homelessness, VA Claims, VA medical treatment, education benefits, and legislation which effects veterans. She also helps Operation Freedom Paws, founded by Mary Cortani, also a veteran. This organization teaches veterans how to train their own service dogs.

Hearing so much about Rose's desire to help veterans, I had to know what her opinion is of President Obama'e recent statement, “If you have a business, you didn't build that.” She was quite clear on her feelings, “Mr. Obama has spent his entire existence on the Government dollar, when you raise an individual on welfare the statistics show that this becomes a life style and mind set, of which he has. Never holding down a job in the real work sector or a business of his own…he is clueless. By this statement that he made, it shows me exactly what he thinks of the business community.

I literally put 2 years of my life into the planning and research of this business and now I work 16 – 18 hour days. I never received one thin dime from the government to get this business started. It began with MY BURING DESIRE TO HELP, MY IDEA, MY RESEARCH, and MY MONEY and I will not be forced to share what I have created to help someone who is too lazy to get out and get a job. I made the decision of WHO I want to help…our warriors and their families!”

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