By Joel Mandre

Each time Google announces an update to their policy, online entrepreneurs will typically run around screaming that the sky is falling. While others are in this state of fear, the renegade can take action and benefit while everyone is struggling to get their acts together.

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Setup Alerts for Upcoming Changes

When Google makes a change, it will hit the online news sources. Have news alerts in place for “Google algorithm”. That way, when a new one is announced you can keep tabs on it and what the upcoming changes will be. It will be important to follow up on this information daily. Often, the information coming out is fast paced up the launch, so keeping on top of things will be important.

Consider the Source for Information

Before you commence making changes on your website, you need to also consider the source of the information. There will occasionally be websites that have an item trigger an alert and it might get you pouncing into action. Upon closer review, it may be an overseas website that is either just updating information about a previous update, or they are trying to draw in traffic by creating a news story that has no validity to it. When researching the upcoming changes to Google, it is generally a good idea to stick with the trusted technology news sources.

Begin Making the Necessary Changes from Day One

As soon as you know changes are coming, you need to embrace them on your website. Don’t sit around waiting until the last minute to go through and begin making changes. This will put you at a disadvantage. Instead, accept the upcoming change as you have no power over it. Then have your website adhering to the requirements in advance and you should find that when the new algorithm is unleashed, you aren’t negatively impacted. In many cases, you may even find you get a boost from this.

Take Off the Black Hat

Just because your website hasn’t been caught by Google or other search engines for Black Hat SEO approaches you might be taking doesn’t mean you will always get away with it. As algorithms get smarter, it will be harder to beat them. Once you are caught using unethical techniques, it will result in a significant blow to your website you may struggle to recover from. A better approach is to be smart and to embrace the changes, understanding they will give you better long term results.

Some of the most common Black Hat SEO techniques online marketers use that will have a negative impact on their website include:

  • Using colored fonts to blend text in with the background image on the website. This will often be phrases and keywords that are either not relevant to the website or to boost keyword usage without the text looking like spam.
  • HTML manipulation to drive traffic to the website while manipulating the experience of the search engine.
  • Spank links to and from the website to create fraudulent circles.
  • Meta tag manipulation to include inaccurate keywords and phrases to direct results to a particular page.

Challenge Yourself When You are Creating Content

One of the biggest sins people make is that they give just enough on their website to draw people in. They lead them in and whet the appetite for information and then pull back, just short of giving the person something of value. Google is now rewarding websites to actually write quality content people can use.

When you are genuinely helping people and keeping them on your website longer, you will see your rank increasing over time. Consider including not only what you know about a topic, but adding your own insight and what you have found in your research. Before long, you will notice your bounce rate will go down and your ranking will improve.

Boosting Your Brand Reputation Benefits You Beyond Search Engines

If you want to create a successful brand online, you know your online reputation is something you need to protect. As Google continues to roll out new features, knowing your online reputation and ensuring your online reputation remains positive will continue to be critical. With new features like Google Carousel leading the way so people can access your information, you will need to do what you can to always be on top of these changes.

Plan Website Updates and Feature Changes in a Proactive Manner

When you post content, try to think ahead based on previous changes and plan for future generations of Google updates. Instead of doing just enough for now, look at the trends that have been happening and consider what some future trends are likely going to be. When you keep on top of these possible events, you are already at an advantage over those who are doing just enough right now. That will mean when a change rolls out, you aren’t devoting as much time to updating and revamping your website, allowing you to focus more on your customers and the quality content you have been providing them.

As a renegade, you need to understand that Google will be the most powerful tool you have. Make sure you stay ahead of the trends and use the search engine in a way that it doesn’t end up coming back to bite you.


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