It goes without saying that shortly after you become an entrepreneur, you are going to need to hire on employees. These hopefully skilled and trustworthy members of the community will be the difference between your sanity remaining intact and you attempting to work fourteen hour days, six days a week, by yourself.

Employees are obviously the answer for your small business, but before you can turn them loose to run the store, you must mold them into the model employee that you want representing your business. Accomplishing this means that you need to figure out precisely how to train those employees to complete all of the tasks you need from them in a given day, without spending all of your hard earned money on the training process.

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Paying For Experience

When it comes to the choice of hiring experienced employees or those who are fresh off the street, you will have a choice facing you. Those with less experience will be willing to accept less pay, but will require far more training. Applicants with more experience will demand more pay, but they will already have at least the basic knowledge that your business style requires. Whether that knowledge is handling money, dealing with the public, or working the phones, your company needs it and you will have to pay for the experience.

Keep in mind the delicate balance between these two worlds. What the more experienced employee will cost you in higher pay, you may end up saving from attempting to train the newcomer to the field.

The First Day Of Training

You always need to keep in mind that the first day of training is not the time to be making judgments about your newest employee. Even the ones who have experience will be unfamiliar with the precise manner in which you want your business to be operated. For the first few days, even these experienced employees will be shaky on their feet.

It is important that you remember these first few days will be shaky. Not all of the information you're throwing at your new employee will sink in on the first pass. Remember to stay calm and repeat the information as needed. After all, from the minute you started their training, your new employee became an investment for your company.

Multiple Training Days Needed

A common mistake made by new entrepreneurs is the assumption that only a single day of training is needed for your new employee. You won't be able to cover everything in that first day of training, and there will naturally be things that are forgotten in the mass of new information being thrown at the new worker. If you make that your only day of training, you are going to end up with a baffled employee who doesn't live up to your expectations.

What You Invest

Always remember that your new employee is an investment. Entrepreneurs often are eager to discard new employees because they don't know how to do a specific task during their first week of employment. Before you get too hasty with your new hire, ask yourself if you even bothered to train the employee in how to do the work in question.

Even if you have trained them how to do this, take the time to repeat the training at least a time or two. You will only get out of this employee what you invest into them. This includes investments of time as well as the costs involved with hiring and training a new employee. If you write the employee off as incompetent and un-trainable too soon, you will lose that entire investment and have to start all over again with someone else.

The Cost Of Manuals

Chances are high that you have worked for a large company at some point in your life. While you were training for them, you undoubtedly were confronted with multiple training manuals, fancy training videos, and binders full of information that managers were expected to present to you in a logical order.

These materials were made by professionals, and had a professional price tag attached. As nice as they are to have, you need to ask yourself if your company is honestly going to be able to recover the costs involved in the creation of such training materials. If you are like most small business owners, then the cost associated with creating training materials like this would simply be too much.

Instead of spending your money creating materials like this, spend your time with your new employees. Tell them everything that they need to know in a calm, logical manner, and encourage them to ask questions. You will find your time and money is a lot better spent because you took this route than from investing in the training manuals for such a small business.

Expecting Too Much, Too Soon

When you try to rush your new employee through the training process, you will end up with an employee who doesn't fully understand what they are doing. This lack of knowledge will lead to undue stress in your new employee, and may ultimately result in the employee freaking out and quitting because they can't handle everything that they aren't ready to do.

In order to keep your employees from getting overwhelmed, make certain that you talk to them throughout their training process. Simply turning them loose to try and make it on their own will result in disaster if they aren't ready yet. Especially if they are among your first employees, you will need to take the extra time and know that they will have a firm grasp on all of the business that happens in your company before you turn them loose.

By taking the time that your new employees need in their training, you know that they will be able to handle anything that comes their way. Instead of simply throwing your new employee into the deep end of the pool in a sink or swim mentality, remember to give them the training they deserve in their new job.

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