Starting a business can be a daunting task for anyone, and requires many skills from entrepreneurs to ensure that the business is successful. There are a multitude of famous entrepreneurs who are a source of inspiration to people who are starting new businesses. Everyone has heard of names such as Donald Trump and Bill Gates, and naturally people aspire to achieve the same level of success that these giants in the entrepreneur world have accomplished. But, did you know that both Bill Gates and Donald Trump have different business personality types which allowed them to become icons in their respective businesses.

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Bill Gates is a visionary, while Donald Trump is a superstar. These two business icons took advantage of their personality types and became highly successful in their lives. Your business personality is crucial in ensuring that you have a successful business, since it will help you both, to understand your business and take decisions which are in the best interest of your business. There are 9 personality types in the entrepreneurial world, and finding out your business personality before you start a business will increase the odds of you having a successful business.

So what type of business personality do you have? Are you the next Donald Trump or Bill Gates? You can choose which one of these 8 personality types of an entrepreneur you possess and then take the appropriate course of action.

1. Are You the Improver?

People who want to make a difference in the world, through their business are known to possess the improver personality trait. They are predominantly trying to improve the world and making it a better place, which will mean that they will take great care in the way their business is being run. They place a high amount of emphasis on the workplace conditions, and want employees to pursue ethics and integrity.

Flaws of the Improver:

If you possess this personality then you will want high standard from everyone around you, whether directly or indirectly involved in the business, people will have to deliver according to your morals or else will face the sack. You will tend to be highly critical and demand perfection from your customers and employees.

2. Are You the Advisor?

This business personality trait is often found in people who have a high tendency to help other people. The advisor will often be found, giving assistance to people and advice to potential customers. They value their clients and customers, and will do everything to ensure that they please them. Most people, who are advisors, will often run businesses which are focused primarily on the customers.

Flaws of the Advisor:

People who possess this personality in business tend to place too much importance on their clients and customers, which may allow them to ignore other needs of their own business and eventually hurt their own chances of being successful.

3. Are You the Superstar?

The superstar personality trait is usually found in people who have an incredibly high amount of energy and are extremely charismatic. These people are the life of the ball and will always be the center of attention in any room. They take charge in the boardroom and are highly motivated individuals, who want to start their own line of business.

Flaws of the Superstar:

People who possess the superstar personality trait are extremely competitive and self obsessed with work. They will be workaholics and may damage their chances of a successful business due to their high ego and over confidence in their abilities.

4. Are You the Artist?

The artist personality is found in people who are highly creative but too modest to take recognition. They are often very demanding and dedicated to their business and will often be found in the advertisement or web development businesses. People with the artist personality will want to start their business around their creativeness and the talents that they possess.

Flaws of the Artist:

People with the artist personality trait are quite sensitive and do not take too kindly to criticism. They may be rash with their decisions and will not take feedback which is negative for their business, even if it is constructive.

5. Are You the Visionary?

People who have the visionary personality trait are individuals who want to make a mark in future, and understand their capabilities and how they should make the change. They are not impulsive and are very curious to understand the mechanics of the business world.

Flaws of the Visionary:

Entrepreneurs with the visionary business personality tend to think too much and may react slowly to their business. They have a plan and dream on which they base their business and will go at their pace.

6. Are You the Analyst?

The analyst personality trait is found in people who are focused on fixing problems and providing solutions to people in a systematic and organized manner. People who possess this personality trait will often be involved in businesses such as engineering, computer firms or science and medicine. They take pride in helping their clients and customers and will provide excellent solutions.

Flaws of the Analyst:

People with this personality may over analyze everything and not trust anyone close to them. This may lead them to isolate themselves from others and focus only on themselves.

7. Are You the Fireball?

This personality trait is found in people who are full of life and are energetic. Fireball people will be highly optimistic about their business and will run a business which is fun and engaging. They are highly motivated individuals and will be highly dedicated towards their business.

Flaws of the Fireball:

People with the Fireball personality trait can be impulsive, which may lead them to over commit themselves to their clients and customers. This may throw their business planning off and tend to overwhelm them in the long term.

8. Are You The Hero?

People with the hero personality trait see themselves as saviors of the world and will target their businesses to help change the world. They are extremely strong willed and will establish some pretty big companies, since they believe that they can overcome any challenge which may be thrown at them.

Flaws of the Hero:

People who possess the hero personality trait can be forceful and make audacious challenges since no challenge is hard for them. They have a strong belief in their leadership abilities and may take on projects which maybe out of their league.

Each business personality type is different and can lead to success if dealt with in the right manner. You should identify your personality traits quickly, so that you acknowledge the strong points in your character. These personality traits will come in handy in choosing the right team for your business as well, since it will allow you to build your business accordingly.

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