“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.”

– Bob Dylan

successful entrepreneurs

Successful are those who do what they want to. Pursuing a career that one is personally inclined towards is one of the biggest factors behind the success story of almost every entrepreneur. If they flourished as entrepreneurs, it is because they had this dream deep down in their hearts right from the very beginning.

Realization of your dreams and the relevant hidden potentials really help you make your dreams come true. That’s exactly what the entrepreneurs on our list did. Their integrity, hard work, and persistent nature made them the success that they grew to be. Let’s get a little closer to them while we unveil their profiles below.

Henry Ford – The Great Industrialist (1863 – 1947)

He designed and developed the very first model of Ford at the age of 45. Being satisfied with the basic features of the car, he decided to go for mass production and thus started developing the assembly line for it. This was a time during which the US was going through an industrial crisis.

Ford Motor Company’s (established in 1903) mass production idea and the development of the assembly line really gave a boost to the US economy. The results not only revolutionized the industry, but brought a new industrialist in the limelight too. That’s Henry Ford, whose company realized 100% gains for many years after its inception.

The US infrastructure carries traces of Ford’s efforts. His company’s primary technological development still proves helpful to the existing and newly launched automobile companies. People like Thomas Edison have passed encouraging compliments to Henry Ford when he was employed in the Edison Illuminating Company.

Steve Jobs – The Tech Champ of the Silicon Valley (1955 – 2011)

This American entrepreneur / successful marketer / brilliant inventor is going to rule the hearts of the tech-lovers for centuries. Being the co-founder of the one and only Apple Inc. Steve Jobs is unknown to none. He served the company as the Chairman and an unbeaten CEO until his last days.

Jobs started his career with Atari Inc. but then resigned from the company because he wanted to establish one of his own. Jobs convinced his high school friend Steve Wozniak to partner him in the company formation and so Apple Inc. was founded back in 1976. Jobs experience at Atari Inc. plus Wozniak’s at Hewlett Packard enabled the two to rule Silicone Valley in no time.

A multi-talented lad started his business from a garage, but then left $8 billion worth of fortune to his family. Steve Jobs had been one of the most talked about entrepreneur of this decade as the founder of Pixar, Apple Inc. and NeXT Software Inc. He really defined new paradigms of technology and gave the world what was possible not even in the wildest imaginations.

Levi Strauss – The Trend Setter (1829 – 1902)

His original name was Loeb and he was born in Germany. Levi Strauss moved to the US in the year 1847 and joined his step brothers in their business of dry goods. After a few years’ experience, Strauss decided to establish his own clothing business and thus Levi’s came into existence back in 1853.

Making heavy-duty pants was the USP of Strauss’ company and the brand name Jeans was introduced only in the 1870’s, i.e. after around 20 years of successful business operations. Strauss didn’t stop working for his brothers. In fact, he used to travel throughout the major cities of the West in order to distribute Levi’s clothing and his brothers’ dry goods to different stores.

Strauss led the fashion industry by a new wave of rugged blue jeans that were introduced in 1872. Jacob Davis, one of the customers of Levi’s fabric, used to run his own tailoring shop. He had this idea of using metal rivets on pants that make it even more durable and heavy-duty. Since he lacked financial resources, he asked Strauss for help.

The two joined together to mass produce blue jeans and thus it became the new fashion wave. Strauss and Davis shared the patent rights and from then onwards, Levi’s had been setting trends in the clothing and apparel industry. Though Levi Strauss isn’t alive today, his entrepreneurial ideas still rule the company.

Walt Disney – The Entertainment Guru (1901 – 1966)

Who doesn’t know of Disney?! It is one of the most famous, successful, and legendary brands of all times. Walt Disney, originally named Walter Elias, is the founder of the huge animated films production company called Walt Disney Motion Pictures.  He is the creator of countless cartoon characters, numerous animated movies, and several feature films.

Not to mention that every single creation and/or animated production of Walt Disney turned out great. Though Disney used to draw cartoons right from his early childhood, he started his career as a professional cartoonist in his mid 20’s. He drew famous Oswald – the rabbit for Universal Studios and worked as a cartoonist for a newspaper too.

The very first cartoon character that Disney drew for his own company was Mickey Mouse, in 1928. Disney and his brother Roy started their studio from their uncle’s garage. One after the other, everything they did brought in millions of dollars for the company. Silent movies, introduction of sounds and Technicolor animations, new characters, feature films, animated movies, and the list goes on.

The first feature film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and it was released in 1937. The company spent $1.5 million in making this film, a budget that was truly incredible during the depression era. Disney won a total of 26 Oscar awards, a number that no other individual has under his belt.

Disneyland – the theme park truly reflects Disney’s creativity and his power of imagination. He indeed was a fantastic cartoonist, an amazing story teller, and of course a brilliant entrepreneur. The world of entertainment would never forget him for his outclass works as he continues to be the entertainment guru.


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