Entrepreneurship is definitely not an easy thing, and is generally not every ones cup of tea. A successful entrepreneur has to go through a lot of hardships and must have steely determination to overcome hurdles and establish themselves and their companies in their respective industries.

The qualities of successful entrepreneurs enable them to act in financially responsible ways and accept changes in the market of their industry preemptively. They have to remain grounded in the face of the catastrophe and have to take a pragmatic approach to solve problems which may seem to be unrealistic.

This adopted approach to solve problems and that fierce determination to succeed are the primary reasons why successful entrepreneurs are a source of inspiration to people around the world. They fought for something they believed in and worked through night and day to establish themselves in the world.

The following list comprises of some of the most successful young entrepreneurs of this generation, which are deem worth emulating. These people are at the top of their respective industries and fields and are known as inspirational role models to millions of people around the world. The main quality which each individual possesses is undying self belief in their abilities from a very young age and their hard work towards success in their industry today.

Felicia Day – Founder of Geek and Sundry – YouTube Star

Felicia Day is popularly known as the founder of Geek and Sundry, which is a multimedia company and also a premium channel on YouTube which is committed to Indie geek entertainment. Felicia Day also co-starred in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, an internet musical by Joss Whedon. Felicia Day is known as the darling of YouTube ever since, and her web shows are extremely popular among masses allowing her to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs known today.

Nihal Mehta, CEO and Founder of LocalResponse

On first glance Nihal Mehta looks like a typical New Yorker, hustling and bustling through Times Square, looking as busy as possible. Manhattan is a busy place, for hardworking people, and few burn the night oil more than Nihal Mehta.

He is the founder and CEO of LocalResponse which helps relay social media content to customers who may be looking to purchase products of interest. Mehta has been very successful in targeting consumers, who have the intent to purchase goods, directing their attention to the source through social media. An example would, a tweet informing the prospect consumer about a special discount at Wal-Mart.

LocalResponse has become very popular among masses today, who surf the web looking for popular deals and discounts. This has made Nihal Mehta one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

Jason Goldberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Fab

Jason Goldberg, the charismatic CEO and co-founder of Fab likes to live his life in style. Ever since he launched Fab, his life has been anything but an easy ride, as he has to continually come up with countless ways in to enhance his project.

Fab is regarded as the most preferred source of the Interwebs, and people absolutely love it! Fab started as a social networking website for gay people and has now evolved into a social e-commerce website which sells almost anything you want to sell today.

Jason Goldberg admits that it hasn’t been an easy feat and especially after his marriage  that happened recently. If the scale of his hard work can be estimated from the fact that he had to spend his honeymoon in India where he was visiting the Fab offices; one can imagine the extent of dedication entrepreneurs need to commit. He has to be constantly involved in every aspect of Fab products, and has to visit the offices in Berlin, and Tokyo as well. But Goldberg doesn’t mind, since he loves what he does, which is exactly why he is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time.

Ge Wang, Co-Founder of Smule and Stanford Professor

The name of this next entrepreneur may not be very familiar to most people, but his work most definitely is to them. Ge Wang is the co-founder and creator of Smule, which is an app developer for the iPad violin and the Ocarina. The application is a massive success with over 65 million downloads worldwide.

Apart from being an app developer Ge Wang is also a professor at Stanford where he has also produced the Stanford Mobile Phone and Stanford Laptop Orchestra. He spends most of his time exploring new apps for social media music-making, and as an app developer and Stanford professor. Wang absolutely loves his job and admits that he finds a lot of time to have fun and relax, after he is done researching, teaching, product testing and coding every day.

Handling all those things in a day and still finding time to relax is quite impressive by anyone’s standards, which is probably why Ge Wang is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this generation.

Zach Sims, CEO and Co-Founder of Codecademy

Zach Sims is the wildly successful co-founder and CEO of Codecademy, which is an online interactive platform that provides people with free coding classes in a variety of languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript.

It is a very popular program, but that also means that Zach has to come up with constant new upgrades for new languages and fix little bugs with the program. But he doesn’t mind putting in the extra hours and fine tuning the program to make is more accessible to people around the world. Zach Sims loves what he does and spends most of his time in the office building more programs which makes a difference in the lives of people around the world. This is perhaps the reason behind his success as an entrepreneur in the industry today.

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