Celebrated across several countries around the world on March 17 each year, St. Patrick’s Day – also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick – is a religious and cultural holiday that commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It also celebrates Irish culture and heritage in general, with a host of parades and festivals, and the wearing of green clothes and/or shamrocks.

Yet, what most people do not know is that St. Patrick’s Day is also a holiday for entrepreneurs around the world. Find it hard to believe? Understandably so, for what do leprechauns and entrepreneurs have in common after all? And how is one of the biggest Irish festivals even remotely related to the cutthroat business world that entrepreneurs thrive in? Read on to find out.

Entrepreneurs and Leprechauns

These claims may seem absurd, or even outright outlandish at first glance, but before you dismiss them entirely, take a moment and give them due consideration. Then you too might begin to see the similarities between leprechauns and modern day entrepreneurs.

All That Is Green: Leprechauns are famous for their preference of the colour green – they wear it, they live with it all around them, and they are attracted to it. And while entrepreneurs might prefer the black and gray suits more common to today’s board rooms, they too are attracted to the colour green – only their attraction is towards the green paper that we call money.

The Thirst for Adventure: Entrepreneurs, at least a vast majority of them, enjoy the thrill of the ride. They like, as do the leprechauns, to embark upon elaborate, lucrative adventures on their quest as they journey towards the fabled pot of gold that will set them up for a life full of comfort, abundance, and luxury.

The Determination to Succeed: Like leprechauns, entrepreneurs are renowned for their resourcefulness. They are both highly industrious as well, and will work diligently to achieve their goals, finding ever new ways and methods to attain success. A leprechaun will hunt forever, and do whatever needs to be done, in order to find the pot of gold they have dreamed about, and so will an entrepreneur.

The Stuff of Legends: When it comes to the projects they have undertaken, neither leprechauns nor entrepreneurs will hesitate in taking on the impossible, or even the mythical, to bring a successful end to their endeavors. They rely on their strengths and capabilities, and have faith in them, so much so that what they are able to achieve in their quest for success might just begin to seem like the very stuff of legends to the rest of us mortals.

The Celebration Agenda: Leprechauns have long been associated with laughter, with dancing, and with plenty of drinking. They indulge in such merriment and frivolity to celebrate their successes, and why should they not? They certainly worked hard enough to achieve their ends. The entrepreneurs of today are not too different when it comes to celebrations of success, for they dance, drink, and laugh too.

All the Secrets: Leprechauns are notoriously sly, and they are slightly mysteriously as well. So too, of course, are the entrepreneurs – and perhaps they need to be, by necessity. Neither will ever fully reveal all of their secrets, nor should one expect them to. Why not? Well, wouldn’t the competition swoop in and claim a portion from, or the entirety of, the pot of gold?

At the End of the Rainbow: Of all their similarities, leprechauns and entrepreneurs are perhaps most alike in the fact that they can both be found at the end of a rainbow. Avid day dreamers and forever full of fancy, they can, almost without exception, be found sitting cross-legged with their hands behind their head and a pipe hanging from their lips, as they dream of gold and riches, of life and luxury, and of other stuff we can scarce imagine.

The Entrepreneur’s Holiday

This St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate the festivities and celebrate entrepreneurship by enlarging the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow through highly creative, wonderfully innovative online marketing strategies that allow you to make even more money.

Use the holiday to provide your targeted audience with a reason to pay attention to you, and attract and hold their attention through creative strategies derived from the plethora of opportunities offered to you by festival that is green, the festival that is Irish, and the festival that is the entrepreneur’s holiday.

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