Social entrepreneurship is all about having creative and innovative ideas about the pressing and serious problems that the society faces. These entrepreneurs come up with ideas that can help a cause, make a number of people stand up for it and take possible action. With a combination of their vision and practical ideas to make dreams come true, social entrepreneurship is gaining increasing popularity in today's world.

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Entrepreneurs in general are hired to improvise the ways a business is run to yield maximum profits and benefits. Social entrepreneurs are no different – the only thing that sets them apart is that they work for a cause instead of a business venture. They devise strategies and take action for the eradication of various social issues.

Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurship can be full time paid work or it can be done voluntarily by offering one's skill, labor and contacts. Here is how to become a social entrepreneur:

  1. Choose a cause that you feel very strongly about. It can be anything from education, human rights, poverty, animal rights or any other humanitarian cause. Picking something that you are passionate about will ensure that you stick to the task till the end. The process will not only increase your experience in the field, but will also have a soothing effect on your soul.
  2. Set your path. You may not require any additional qualification or particular experience in the field. But choosing a cause and sticking to it may require hard work and proper planning, not to mention efficient advertising of the cause.
  3. Social entrepreneurship may require you to travel to a wide range of countries, many of which will not have basic necessities required for living. Be prepared for all the uncertainties that may come with a career choice as diverse as social entrepreneurship.
  4. Devise an advertising strategy that urges people to donate to your cause. With an efficient marketing plan at hand, this may not prove to be very difficult as there are a lot of people who support various causes and charities.
  5. Try and catch the attention of renowned philanthropists and media to support your cause both financially and in terms of publicity. For achieving this feat, you will have to get in-depth knowledge about the cause, its history, cases that gained general attention and the practical way things are handled in this not for profit career choice.
  6. You marketing strategy may include meetings, conferences, social media networking, print and electronic media.

What Does a Social Entrepreneur Do?

Social entrepreneurs are not exactly involved in business ventures, but use the same principles and techniques to come up with solutions to social issues. They are ideally social workers who plan and implement ideas that work for the betterment of society.

Changing Lives

Social entrepreneurs are dedicated individuals who strive to find solutions to the various needs of the members of society. They have a life changing impact on people they come in contact with during the course of their work. They inspire lives but away from the technicality of the world of business and in the reality of what life actually offers to most people.

Innovations in the Social World

Social entrepreneurs work to change the face of the business world in ways that ultimately improve the way of life of a lot of people. There have been many instances in the world of business where people have helped society through the innovations they implemented in their business strategies.

Creating Jobs

In today's competitive market, social entrepreneurs bring a lot of job opportunities to the people belonging from various academic backgrounds. For example, social entrepreneurs increasingly work in the health sector and coordinate with doctors for all the related jobs. The point is that people from all walks of life, with various academic and professional backgrounds can become social entrepreneurs. The only thing they need to do is direct their skills towards improving lives and creating opportunities.

Types of Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs work in many fields that are targeted to enhance the lifestyles of people and uplift the face of society. As the varying nature of their jobs, social entrepreneurs are categorized into four types. Have a look:


They are the ones who appear to be more vocal about a particular cause. Their business is mostly based in areas that are in desperate need of change. These professionals seem to care more about the social part of their jobs rather than the financial benefits and perks it comes with.

Financially Focused

As eradication of social problems has its roots in sufficient funds, some social entrepreneurs are more focused towards the financial aspects of the business. When discussing the feasibility of a project, they always have the financial aspects in mind above anything else.


Change agents normally do not take an active part in the promotion of a cause. But they are dedicated to providing the material needs that can help improve the lifestyles of the people concerned.

Marketing Agents

They take care of the planning and strategies that are used to market a particular cause. Such social entrepreneurs are also focused towards creating social value about the various aspects of the business.

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