The past few years saw everyone getting really excited about the possibilities presented by virtual reality. Then there was the daily–deal phenomenon of Groupon and similar sites. Now another year is upon us and as always, it promises a huge potential for discovery, imagination and commerce. So, what does 2013 hold for entrepreneurs?

In this article we present to you some of the hottest trends for business for the year 2013. But no matter what the latest fad is, one thing remains certain: businesses that are built on concrete practices and solid ethics can withstand all sorts of tribulations, storms and bubbles.

This new year expect commerce to be more fine-tuned to everything American. Food industry seems to be adjusting itself to the newer American demographics with new products catering to the spice-lovers amongst us. In 2013, we are looking forward to lots of new products and services aimed to bring closer the diverse international population.

Trend 1: Remote Computing Is Set To Be The Next Big Craze!

Cloud technology is a buzzword these days. It is mysterious, sounds really technical and personifies the power of internet for users and non-users alike. Small and medium sized businesses are all set to harness this new technology that provides a multitude of new tools for workplace internet users. Cloud computing is all set to deliver on saved costs and minimized maintenance for computer systems, no doubt music to the ears of any small business owner. The technology is so simple and effective that its implementation basically pays for itself. These companies can use remote technology to manage phone systems, business analytics and keep important backups of their systems. Currently, Google Docs and Skype are some of the most loved online cloud computing services.

Trend 2: The Era Of Social Media Isn’t Over Yet!

Businesses can not afford to ignore the business potential promised by Facebook and Twitter. Keeping in touch with the customers and personalizing services to their tastes will remain a huge movement in 2013 as well. The Social Media isn’t showing any signs of slowing down for some years to come. The failure of the Facebook IPO scared many people away from the site, but despite all the setbacks it still seems to be growing at an exponential pace, with new ideas and features being introduced for small and big businesses.

Trend 3: Beauty Bums Believe the Cosmeceuticals Promise!

It just isn’t cool to go under the knife anymore! Botox and surgeries are on their way out!

Enter: Cosmeceuticals!

These are the latest in beauty trend, promising a glorious marriage that between cosmetics to be put on the skin that deliver the benefits of pharmaceuticals, keeping the skin spot and wrinkle free. These personal care products are supposedly packed with feel-good natural ingredients such as plant extracts and flower enzymes extracted from exotic ingredients. Some cosmeceutical producers are even promising custom mixed products using human stem cells as an anti aging treatment.

In 2013, the customers’ desire to look and feel younger promises huge profits to the beauty industry.

Trend 4: Move Over Tabasco! There’s A New Hottie (Or Several) In Town!

Ketchup is no longer the holy grail of condiments for Americans. Hot sauce is one of the 10 fastest growing industries in the country. So if you have a secret family recipe that everyone loves, now is the perfect time to try it out commercially.

The average revenue for hot sauce producers has increased by nearly 10% over the last decade. This can mainly be contributed to their efforts to produce the perfect sauce for everyone. One stroll in the hot sauce aisle at the supermarket introduces you to a plethora of concoctions from fruit based sauces to ones featuring double extra chili. Market experts are sure that this trend will stay for the next few years with a line-up of products that appeal to all kinds of people.

Trend 5: Who’s Your Angel? Alternative Financing Remains The Better Option!

Gone are the days when an imaginative entrepreneur had to toil away in a bank manager’s office for a loan. Creative financing is a growing trend these days, as it promises people the ease of borrowing if their ideas are found to be convincing enough. Despite the current economic climate and the miserably failing traditional businesses everywhere, lenders and borrowers are still getting busy, creatively coming up with ways to support the American small businesses.

The fact remains that usually entrepreneurs only need $30,000 to $50,000 to start their businesses. Sometimes even less! The new alternative financing methods include everything from online pawn shops to crowd-funding and peer-to-peer lending.


These trends are just an indication of possibly profitable commerce ideas for the next year. So consider them a springboard when visualizing new product and service ideas for your business. Good luck for your future!

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