Turn the wheel of time and remember your first day in business school, when you stepped in to the university dreaming of building up your own business empire with a staff of hundreds and thousands of people working under you. Today, relaxing in your luxurious corporate cabin, remember how impossible all this seemed to be a couple of years ago. Your efforts have finally come to fruition.

But think for a moment! Have you lost something on your journey of entrepreneurship? Endless hours of work, unhappy girlfriend(s), missed family dinners, working instead of decorating the Christmas tree with your children; do you not wonder if maybe it’s too high a price to pay for success?

Undoubtedly, being a successful entrepreneur is one of the best feelings in life. It makes you feel complete and accomplished. Don’t you think sharing it with your loved ones would make it even more worthwhile?

Whether you are a fresh graduate working on your business’ feasibility or a successful entrepreneur; time management is the most ignored, yet the most important factor that needs to be considered. Don’t forget to maintain a work-life balance or you will end up experiencing a burnout.

A C.E.O. of a very famous multinational company, in his speech, describes life as analogous to a game of five balls; work, health, family, spirit and friends, and you are trying to juggle all these balls in the air. He says that the ball of work is made of rubber. It will come back to you even if you drop it. All other balls are made of glass and glass does not bounce, it breaks on a fall. It requires you to kneel down and gather the broken pieces.

If You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

If you are one of those graduates who pass high school with a plan of action in their mind; you deserve congratulations on being so enthusiastic and ambitious, unlike others who study just for the sake of getting a degree. Your dream will open doors for many others in terms of jobs and success. However, just recheck your business plan once more, this time from the perspective of a family person.

There is a slight difference in being successful and happy; and becoming a millionaire. Both demand the same amount of time and effort. It requires just a minor revision in your timeline and milestone section. Look at it the other way. If you devote yourself entirely to your work, you are bound to experience burnout at several stages during your journey.

This will decrease your efficiency and productivity. I am sure you have not incorporated the burnout time in your feasibility report. It is better to be more relaxed and consistent, rather than working like a maniac and taking breaks only now and then.

On The Way to Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

If you are one of those lucky people who are on their way to becoming successful and wealthy, step out of your office building and think for a while. Are you satisfied? Are all your efforts appreciated by your loved ones? If yes, then you deserve a big round of applause for managing a work-life balance.

However; if the situation is reversed, then it’s time for you to take a break and save yourself from self exhaustion. Here are some of the tips to make your journey of entrepreneurship more memorable and worth telling to your kids.

  • Plan a romantic weekend away with your partner.
  • Take your kids to Six Flags and spend an entire day with them.
  • Your body and mind needs to relax. Go out for a morning walk or enroll yourself in a yoga class.
  • Spare some time for your hobbies and interests.
  • Play games, read books, turn on your music player, dance to your favorite track; do all the things that will make you forget your pending work for some time.
  • Keep your worries out of the bedroom. Taking an hour off from the blackberry or laptop won’t turn your office upside down.

It is not possible to plan a picnic every Sunday or go outstation on every weekend, but make sure you spare time for the other activities on a daily basis. Try this out for two weeks. Go for a morning walk daily and notice the difference. You will find yourself more happy and productive at work. Make a two minute call to your wife or girlfriend during lunch time; this will make you cheerful and energetic.

If You Are A Successful Entrepreneur

Those who are already on the top step of entrepreneurship; look back and count all those Christmas gatherings and birthdays that you did not spend with your family. Ask your kids how they felt when you were not able to show up at their sports’ day. You cannot bring those days back; however, you can always make up for lost time. It’s never too late to do anything. Grab your phone and reserve a dinner table today, better yet, plan an outdoor vacation and experience the feeling of being really successful.

Revise Your Journey’s Course

The journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur can be covered through several routes. It depends upon your choice and priorities. Just remember one thing, make your trip worth telling. Think about it this way, would you feel proud in sharing your success with your grandkids? No matter how ambitious you are, you will still remain a human with all the social needs. Ignoring those needs would be going against nature. Go out and accomplish your goal, but don’t lose yourself in the process.

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