One of the major problems that entrepreneurs often encounter is a difficulty in letting go of complete control of their company. Even though they want their company to grow and to succeed, they don't want to step back and let someone else handle any of the decision making involved in the process. The simple fact of the matter is that your company will not be able to advance so long as you refuse to let someone else handle a portion of the management and other tasks.

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Learning to delegate is one of the challenges that every business owner faces. You have struggled hard to get your business to the point where it is today. You've done the majority of the planning, the fund raising, and the business plan without help from anyone else. From the moment you first hung that “open” sign on the door, you have been in charge of everything that has happened in your company, and you are proud of this fact. There is no shame in needing help operating your business. It is a sign that your company is advancing and that your business plan has taken you to new heights that you never expected.

You Need Help

As your company grows, you will quickly discover that you are out of your league. What was once a simple, single shift business has now started to grow. Your building becomes larger, you have more customers coming in, and your stock has expanded to reflect these facts. Things have grown beyond your ability to handle all by yourself.

The time has come to make a decision. Will you press on and continue to try to do everything yourself, or will you hire on someone who you can delegate tasks to? This is a giant step to take for any business owner. As an entrepreneur, your business has been run by you and you alone to this point. If you bring someone else in as an employee or a manager to handle your employees, you will be handing over at least part of your carefully established control to someone else.

You must realize that you need this assistance, though. If you refuse to take on someone you can delegate things to, then your company is going to suffer. You can't possibly be everywhere that you need to be. As you expand your business hours and gain more customers, you will find that trying to do everything on your own is simply impossible. The longer hours and additional work will leave you without enough time to even sleep at night, let alone feed yourself.

Letting Go Of Control

The only option that you have if you want your business to continue growing is to surrender some of your control to another person. This person is normally a manager of some kind, and should not be a decision that is made lightly.

Before you hire on this manager, take the time to get to know them a little bit. You want someone who has background in responsibility, someone who can be trusted with your dream. This person needs to understand what their role is going to be: a manager to handle the tasks that you set before them. Not a partner, or a boss, just a manager.

Once you take on this assistance, you've taken that first step toward learning to delegate the tasks that your company needs completed. You now have to treat them like the manager that they are by giving them some of the weight off of your own shoulders. Determine what tasks you need assistance with and delegate them to the manager. These could be as simple as restocking, handling clients, arranging business meetings, or any other tasks you need completed.

Trusting Others

Taking that step to the point where you can trust others with parts of your business is a difficult transition. It requires that you actually trust another human to have the same respect for your company and your business plan that you have held to all this time. You need to be able to trust that this other person will be able to handle the tasks that you trusted them with.

Establishing this trust is not something that happens overnight. As you first take on a manager, you will begin by delegating small amounts of work to them. With the completion of these easier tasks, the trust you have in them will grow. As it does, you will feel safer in delegating even more responsibilities to them.

Growing As A Company

You will come to understand that your company's ability to grow depends on you handing at least some of the responsibility over to other people within the company. Taking the first step in delegating these changes is the most difficult. Once you learn that you can trust a manager to handle some of the work, you will have an easier time taking on additional managers and employees in the future.

The key to success in the entrepreneurial world is making those changes that will help your company grow and succeed. By continuing to hold onto all of the power and trying to do everything by yourself, you will do nothing but hold your company back. Getting those chains off from around your ankles will not only allow your company to grow, but take much of the stress of operating the business off of your shoulders.

Your business can only grow as large as you permit it to become. By deciding that you want your company to grow and beginning the process of delegating tasks to others within your company, you will be taking those first steps toward becoming something bigger than you ever imagined your company would become. Your entrepreneurial skills have taken your company this far, so the only logical continuation is for you to take the next step and begin delegating tasks to others so that you are free to come up with additional ideas for your own business's success

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