Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.

 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

Whether you talk about students, professionals, artists, or entrepreneurs, time management is the single most important factor that guarantees them success to a great extent. These two words serve as the only solution to several problems we face in our professional lives.

persona productivity and time

Time management skills are difficult to develop. Nevertheless, they aren’t as challenging as one may assume. A few simple tips and strategies can really help you develop a sense of time management. It might be a little tough in the beginning, but will soon become an effortless task for you.

The sooner you develop time management skills, the better it will be for you in the long run. The best time to learn why and how to value time is the early childhood so that the basic concepts and time management skills are truly ingrained.

Anyone can build a great personality by valuing time. Those who are punctual are always appreciated wherever they go. Meeting deadlines effectively and efficiently is a sign that you value resources and it’s a common characteristic across all the successful people in the world.

The following are a few tips and strategies that can help you manage your time and/or limited resources in the best possible manner. Continue reading!

Write it Down

Take a paper and write down every single thing that you do in a day. The list should contain even the tiny unconstructive tasks like driving and house cleaning to highly development-oriented ones including reading and writing.

If you are a busy career-oriented professional, you may think making this list as being unconstructive itself. However, scheduling can only be done when you know precisely what is to be scheduled. The list is going to summarize all your activities extended over the 24-hours’s day.

Consequently, you’ll have a clear idea of the amount of time you spend in various tasks and the limited time you can keep for yourself. Now you need to schedule all the activities, assign time to each, and stick to the allotted time frame. It is up to you as to how you use the remaining time.

Complex in the Beginning, Easygoing Later

Unlike what many people may believe, the time when we are most energetic is the early morning. No matter how strenuous or mentally challenging a task is, you really have the potential to get it done the first thing in the morning.

It is because you are fresh and the energy levels are at peak. Instead of delaying a given task just because it’s difficult, you should give it the first priority as you hit the office. Not only will you be able to get it done using less effort, but will also have enough time to work out the kinks, if any.

Procrastination really kills your limited resources. If you delay challenging tasks up to the second half of the day, you’ll have to push yourself harder in order to get over with the task. Consequently, it won’t only eat up most of your time, but you are likely to get exhausted by the end of the day too.

Organize or Jeopardize

Right from your desk drawer to desktop wallpaper, and from drive folders to mobile contacts list, everything must be organized and synchronized when applicable. Keep things at their appropriate places, for instance, hard copies and soft copies in the relevant files and folders respectively.

Do not forget to back-up every minor and major piece of information. Technology has convinced us to keep everything in soft copy so that we play an active role in environment conservation. However, make sure that you have the back-up in case the original data is lost.

Being an entrepreneur or a professional, you meet several people every day. Some of them are known and close acquaintances while the others are not so. Keep notes with the contact details of the latter so that you can immediately recall how they are related to you and your business.

Your Helping Hand

There are other resources that you can take help from in order to accomplish the given tasks in the most optimum manner. These are human resources available for your assistance. For instance, if we talk about the professional tasks, you’d have a team that you work with.

In that case, delegating a few tasks to subordinates is an effective way to meet the deadlines and also train the team at the same time. On the other hand, if it’s a household task that is urgent and important, take help from your family. Some of them will definitely join you to get the task done.

There’s one more smart resource that is immensely helpful. Yes, it’s your smart phone! What for will you actually utilize its advanced features if not for time management? Download time management apps and use them for your benefit. It’ll prove an excellent assistant.

Prepare and Stay Focused

A successful person is the one who knows precisely about the activities he’s supposed to carry the next day and thus plans accordingly. You must allocate at least 15-20 minutes every night in order to plan the next day. It’ll help you stay focused and keep to the allotted time too.

Manage your team in such a way that they don’t have to seek your help in case of every tiny little issue they confront. You definitely need to monitor their performance, but let them handle something on their own as well. Empowering your subordinates helps build strong teams.

You need to pay attention to your most important and urgent tasks first. It is highly possible that these are challenging as well. Therefore, focus and concentration play vital roles in how the end result turns out to be.

You can really outshine your team if you stick to these basic principles of time management. Keep improving your skills over time!

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