Not all entrepreneurs are born with the idea of becoming a business owner. In fact, most dream of finding that perfect career, under the security of an employer. A passion of architecture, computer software, medicine, or other skill, may be discovered early on, but locating the right atmosphere to develop your dream, is often limited. Spreading your wings and taking on the role of an entrepreneur, can give you the freedom to pursue, not only your dream, but happiness, as well. Regardless of whether you are currently an employee, or are contemplating going to college, ask yourself the questions listed below. You may have what it takes to develop the mindset for entrepreneurship and become very satisfied with your future.

Are you Inquisitive?

Think of the 4-year old child that asks why, over and over again. As we mature into adults, society molds our behavior into following the crowd. Being complacent, with an obedient nature, is not a trait that humans are born with, but rather develop. Years and years of being told to accept the ways of the world, can eventually bury your burning desire to ask why. An entrepreneur rarely lets questions glide by, without wanting answers. No one really loses an inquisitive nature, but it has to be brought to the forefront of your consciousness.

Do you have a Passion or Hobby?

Becoming a really great entrepreneur starts with an idea that needs to be shared. It can be a product, service, or skill, but most importantly, something you love. Listen to a collector, as he/she explains the intricate detail in a porcelain jar, or a farmer that raises sheep, explaining their care. Although you may have little interest in these subjects, the amount of excitement radiated by the passionate, can turn you into a follower. Many entrepreneurs start their own business in an effort to make money, but without a passion for what you have to offer, the glamour will soon fizzle down and die.

The fear of sales is also, another factor, that keep some from considering the life of an entrepreneur. However, there is no better way to make a sale than to truly believe in what you do. By having a product, service, or skill that screams for you to share, selling is never an issue. Customers will be asking to buy, instead of the other way around.

What is More Important to You – Contentment or Money?

Consider the entrepreneur that has been in business for less than a year. Friends and family members may ask how many hours are worked, as opposed to how much money is made. People that are constantly dividing their paycheck by the number of hours worked, will never make it in the world of entrepreneurship. While money is needed, the beginning entrepreneur does not hang his/her head in shame from making less than minimum wage, when first starting out. The adventure and the excitement leads to a far greater joy than the net worth.

Is There an Independent Streak in Your Personality?

Having an independent mindset can come in many different forms. From washing your own vehicle, as opposed to using a car wash, to selecting clothing that is a bit flashy, are examples of how an independent spirit can manifest itself. This is not a sign of bullheadedness, but merely a sparkle of enjoyment from making choices. While taking bold chances may seem outside of your demeanor, are they really? People take chances every day, just by leaving the house, but never consider this a daring act. An accomplished entrepreneur has developed a mindset that anything can happen, anywhere, so you might as well be happy in what you do.

If the notion of becoming an entrepreneur has crossed your mind, but the world keeps pushing you back, consider these questions and answers. You may be a better candidate than you realize. There is no safety net for life and staying in a position that causes you disappointment and depression, can suck the life out of you. While not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship, many actually are.

Start out slow and search your mind for that little boy/girl that used to ask why the sun shines. Think of the subjects and projects that you enjoy, if only you had the time. Look around at the material items that have been gathered over the years and ask yourself how much happiness they have actually given you. Finally, look into your heart for what it would take to make you feel completely satisfied. Entrepreneurs are an elite group of people that have learned to replace work with a sense of belonging and happiness. However, not everyone can achieve the right mindset to enjoy this type of life. Developing the right attitude has to come first.

Before you decide that being an entrepreneur is for the strong-willed, social butterfly, or pushy sales person, ponder these questions. You may find that your own mindset is not that far off the mark.

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