5 Great Ideas!

Whether you are an entrepreneurial fresher or already failed at your third venture in so many years, chances are that you are in need of new start up ideas. It is important to come up with a lot of ideas before you find one that is even moderately profitable. Engage your mind, i.e. practice some serious brainstorming and think about what’s missing from the marketplace. Pace the supermarket aisles to find out if you have to.

2013 starts with a lot of economic uncertainty but that doesn’t make it a bad year to launch your own business. There won’t ever be a right time, if you keep waiting for it.

We have done some of the work for you. Here is our list of best business ideas for the USA. Go through this list of five online businesses that are bound to see a healthy growth in 2013. Let these ideas serve as an inspiration. Use these as a motivation to come up with your own ideas; these are just a taste of things to come in our future.

We trust that you’ll find these ideas as stimulating as we do, and may they ignite your originality in the years to come!

1. Develop games or a social network (read Facebook!)

Social network game development is important because that is where everyone is spending most of their time. People time in for 8 to 10 hours online every day. This means they need something to do while in the cyber world. An added bonus would be if your games are available for access via smart phones and tablets. More and more consumers are splurging their time playing games that are embedded in their social networks. This is why the industry has grown by an astounding 184 percent per year approximately for the past five years. By some estimates, U.S. sales in the industry are expected to grow another 32 percent and hit $6 billion by the end of the current year.

2. Home Electronics Installation Services

If you witnessed the happenings at this year’s consumer electronics show, you will have witnessed the multitude of televisions and home entertainment devices all set to raid our pockets. These devices are considerably more complicated than their predecessors and simply won’t install themselves. TV and home theater installation services are quickly becoming a necessity for everyone who wants their entertainment fix right in the comfort of their homes. The multichannel speakers, hanging 3D LCD TVs, sound bars, etc, all need the expert touch to work. This year, the revenue in the TV installation business is set to exceed by $12 billion dollars. The only back side of this industry is that you will have to stay on top of the ever changing technology in order to remain relevant. And this won’t be a difficult job at all, provided you have penchant for all things gadget-like!

3. Virtual Data Rooms

Remember data rooms filled with file cabinets and sky high piles of paper? Yeah, we don’t either!

Those have been replaced by their virtual counterparts. These are online holding chambers for documents that a few, pre-authorized parties can access. Since 2008, the virtual data room business in the U.S. has been increasing by roughly 16 percent per year on average. It is expected to accomplish almost $730 million market in 2013. It doesn’t cost a lot to enter the market. And you won’t need a physical space to meet and greet clients or investors. Everything is virtual about virtual data rooms.

4. IT Security Consulting

As an IT security consultant, your job would be to advise companies on how not to get hacked. This field found precedence after a slew of hackings of government websites as well as The New York Times Co. website. Together with the growing attractiveness of ecommerce and the need to guard online customers, the IT security consulting business has been on the rise, increasing by almost 10 percent per year throughout the past five years.

5. Fake It Till You Make It

Found something you like in the market? How about making it yourself? Making a cheaper, better, smaller or lighter version of an existing product isn’t a new idea at all. Many businessmen started out by making and selling cheaper versions of otherwise expensive or designer wear.

Remember that successful business ideas are the ones that are ahead of the curve. If you can think of it before somebody else, then you are it! Think above and beyond products; think about ideas, trends and technologies. Is there an innovation you can think of in television and entertainment? Refine your idea and sell it to the highest bidder. Sky is the limit when you trust yourself and let your imagination work for you.

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