And How to Get Over Them!

Everybody has some bad habits. You may not even be aware of yours but that doesn’t mean that your bad habits aren’t hurting your chances of being successful. Bad habits can be defined as negative behaviors that we engage in over and over endlessly. These habits can become self-sabotaging acts which can ruin all your efforts to make your business successful. But like always, there are strategies and decisions that can help you kick these bad habits to the curb. All that is needed is some will power and hard work on your part.

Here is our list of some things that entrepreneurs unknowingly engage in, impairing the success of their efforts. Read on and find out if you are a victim to any of these!

Taking On All the Work for Themselves

The word of the day is “delegate”!

Once the business gets off you won’t be able to keep up with its tempo even after putting in a 100-hour work week. And at this stage if you try to be everything to your business, you run the risk of running it aground prematurely. So when hiring staff, look for people whose expertise can be relied upon. Then trust them with at least some of the jobs that you usually reserve for yourself. And when the smaller tasks are out of the way, you get to concentrate on what you are best at and your entrepreneurial venture is better off for it.

Mistrusting Yourself and Your Managers

Their business is like their little baby for these entrepreneurs. If you are the kind that wants every little decision about your business to go through you first, just stop!

Having control is one thing, but making every decision pass through your desk can slow your business down, which can be just as frustrating for employees as it is for customers. Hire the right people, make sure that they know the goals and targets you have set for you and your business and give them the power to decide. Lead audaciously.

Being Reactive To Situations

As an entrepreneur it is your job to make sure that your business has the capacity to overcome any future setbacks. But don’t sulk of there are some setbacks in the way, and don’t pretend that your company can’t make any mistake. Your screw-ups can be a great way to show your clients that you are indeed very serious about conducting your business.

Wasting Time

You are the boss, yes. But Facebook and email can even waste the boss’ time monumentally. You very well know that you are lying to yourself when you put up these activities as multi-asking. Take time out to check your Facebook at lunchtime instead of leaving it open always. And the email should only be checked every 2 to 4 hours depending on how busy it is.

Being Afraid

Fear can hamper your productivity like nothing else. Fear of loss, failure and upsetting others can grip an entrepreneur once they have been in the game awhile. Fear is negativity. It cripples creativity, it hampers decision making and worst of all, being afraid is seriously time-consuming. You won’t know where the time went, just being afraid all day.

Fear is a totally natural feeling, but focusing on it can sabotage all your other efforts to make your business a hit. Get over it and don’t pay it any attention when making decision that can help propel your business further towards its goals.

Being a Slave to Facts And Figures

You came this far by trusting your gut instincts. So why stop now? Evidence gathering is great for organizations that have plenty of time on their hands. Unfortunately, being a slave to facts and figures can mean instantaneous death for an entrepreneurial venture. The opportunity passes by while the accountants are crunching their number. So don’t be a slave to number crunchers, you are still the boss so take the decisions that can help your business.

Promoting Aggression at Work

Business ability has nothing in common with passive aggression. Instead, try to reward your employees for showing honesty and kindness at work. The examples you set right now will be carried on throughout the life of your business. Make sure that it is totally fine for your mangers to disagree with you from time to time. Don’t promote behaviors that may come back to bite you in the future.

And Lastly…

It is time to take some proactive action once you have figured out the shortcomings in your personality. Make a note of the habits that you want to eliminate, and then write down achievable goals stating the fact. Review these goals daily and make a conscious effort to achieve them. Success will be yours soon.

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